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A successful  track record  in ocean farming combined with our mapped strategic path, enables us to confidently  expand our ocean products in local and global market spaces.

Providing exceptional quality products, whilst protecting our environment, serves the desires of our clients, shareholders and stakeholders.

Commercial director  -  Erika Kruger

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Through collaborative partnerships, we continuously expand our product ranges. Market, distribution, product development and technology joint ventures enable us to also  advance the commercial interests of all our trading partners.



Contact us to explore opportunities further.  



Through our maths programme we are reaching the next generation of economic leaders to excel in careers of their choice.  

Out of 1.2m school children entering the South African schooling system every year, only 40 % of learners will complete grade 12.


Only   20 000 learners will pass grade 12 maths with more than 50 %.   This must be one of the highest-ranking strategic issues that must be addressed in South Africa.


Through the facilitation of maths intervention programmes, we actively contribute to the development of our next generation of economic leaders.  Traders, engineers, scientists, technologists, educators, biologists and environmental managers are a few examples of career paths that are possible for aspirational learners if they are maths proficient.

A sustainable way out of poverty is through education.  Education empowers and enables. An educated generation directly benefits the well-being of three generations.  The economic multi-plyer effect thereof benefits the country as a whole.


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isiMaths Rosendal High School1.jpg

Ms Rungu - Maths Teacher

Msambambisani High School

Mr Fritz - Maths HOD & Deputy Principal

Rosendaal High School


Mr Hess - Maths teacher)

Ms Laayman - Principal

Rosendaal High school

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isiMath Champions

Through a partnership with isiLearning, we have been able to reach more than a 2 000 learners in the Western Cape,  over the last 3 years.


Expanding the programme from an out-of-school tutor programme to an in-class teaching programme has enhanced the sustainability of this programme.

 Our goal is to assist learners to catch up on past skill gaps and master current curriculum year skills.  We work with educators to assist learners.  Our ultimate goal  is to  enable more learners to enter grade 10 with a solid maths base. Ourintervention programmes targets grade 7, 8 and 9 learners between the ages of 12 and 16.

 This programme is offered in partnership with external companies who contribute towards the sponsored programme.

 Contact us for more information about isiMaths and find out how you can assist to prepare our next generation of economic leaders.


Schools  invited for sponsored inclusion are state-schools located in poor communities or serving learners coming from poor communities.

isiMaths Masibambisani High School.jpg

Mr  Boesman - Principal

Ms Momfundi - Deputy Principal

Mr Mobo - Maths HOD

Msambambisani High School

Mr Cleophas and Ms Davies at Delft Techn

Ms Davies - Maths HOD

Mr Cleophas - Principal

Delft Technical High School

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