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Growth stimulant : Kelp in agriculture

Ecklonia Maxima South African kelp is widely acknowledged as the key organic and biological ingre-dient to advance soil productivity, crop health and yield.


It has been used for centuries to reduce plant stress, increase plant stress tolerance,   increase soil water retention, soil structure, soil nutrient levels, stimulate growth and aeration.


Combining ancient history and modern sciences further extends the valuable kelp as organic and holistic fertilisers, input into fertiliser blends as well as plant growth promoters.   

South African Seaweed 
Species and applications.

Seaweed, harvested from exclusive natural and wild seaweed forests is increasing its global footprint as an organic superfoodspecies of choice for alginate base products and superior ingredient in many cosmetic, nutraceutical and pharma-ceutical applications.


Our seaweed grows in unpolluted seawater. Fed by the cool Benguela current that brings clear and nutrient-rich water to these natural sea forests, makes our seaweed the number one choice on local and global platforms for buyers who embrace quality.

External Sources
Agriculture environment

Global warming,  climate change, pollution affecting our oceans, rivers and land together with the risk of long term unsustainable food security  necessitate us to review our approach towards agriculture and food production. Eradication of species is a reality and a deteriorating farming environment is clearly visible.

Mitigating these risks demand a change in our practices that will enable us to preserve our environment and provide food security on a global level.  We all have a roll to play.


Our ocean farm.

Organics Atlantic South African seaweed grows in our exclusive  organic sea forest, located on the  West Coast of South Africa. The seaweed forest is a wild natural forest that has existed for millions of years.  Strictly governed by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, (DAFF), South African government, the harvest permit imposes stringent compliance requirements, thereby ensuring that the natural forests can continue to regenerate, whilst we are still able to bring high quality organic products to global markets for discerning  buyers. 


The Benguela current brings nutrient-rich, cool and clear water to the harvest areas, all of which positively impacts on the exceptional quality of our products. Our responsible and best practice harvest methods enforces our desire to ensure the long term sustainability of these natural, wild, organic seaweed forests, which also forms part of the sea bed ecology.

The harvest area is close to Port Nolloth in the Northern Cape, more than 800 km from Cape Town, far away from polluted city shorelines. This area has no exposure to the commonly found chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, oestrogen, E.coli and other elements that could leave water contaminated.



Video footage from our unpolluted and protected ocean farm.




Within our group of companies, we are the only company in South Africa awarded with quota's and harvesting rights for Ecklonia Maxima, Laminaria Pallida, Ulva and Porphyra. 

All our harvests are available as fresh hand harvests, frozen, whole mechanically dried cuts, flakes of varying sizes and powder. Our beach cast Ecklonia Maxima kelp is sundried and chipped into varying sizes.

We provide standard as well as customised harvests.



Ecklonia Maxima
South African Kelp
Brown Algae | Giant Brown Kelp
Organics Atlantic Ecklonia Maxima.jpg
Similar species are Kombu, Macrocystis, Giant Bladder Kelp and Konbu.
Laminaria Pallida
Organics Atlantic Laminaria.jpg
Laminaria is regarded as a kelp although its characteristics is different to that of Ecklonia Maxima.
Organics Atlantic Porphyra
Porphyra is alo commonly known as Lavar, Nori Seaweed, Pyropia, Laver, Gim, Amanon, Rong Biển, Zakai, Zǐcài,  紫菜, Karengo, Sloke  Slukos, Bangiales and Rhodophyta
Sea  Lettuce
Oganics Atlantic Ulva.PNG
Ulva is also commonly known as  Lactuta, Ulvaceae, Sea Lettuce, Sea Vegetables, ul | and Uruba
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